Educated in life by the school of hard knocks, Richard shares his successes, failures, loves, and experiences in deeply personal songs expressed in a variety of musical styles, thru his acoustic guitar playing and melodic keyboard arrangements.  His goal is to raise global awareness of domestic violence and child abuse.

Born and raised in Philadelphia, he was inspired to learn to play guitar at the feet of a country picker and guitarist with Bill Haley's Comets, who were from nearby Chester, PA. He formed his first band and played his first paid gig when he was only 15, and has traveled the country sharing his life and his music. As a child of the 60s and 70s, his musical influences include The Rolling Stones and The Beatles, and a 19 year-old Richard was inspired to write music when he met John Lennon in Philadelphia. John was there doing a guest DJ stint at the old WFIL 56 AM. Richard then served in the U.S. Army for 3 years, and more recently, worked for the U.S. government on a tiny island in the Pacific where his band, Rich and The Pickups, according to bass player Mark Pippet, was the "best band we ever had on the island, and possibly the best band I've ever played in." 

For a brief time Richard studied bass guitar with Beach Boys sideman Ed Carter, who had an enormous influence on Rich’s desire to write in the style of the great Brian Wilson. Songs of love found and lost, inspired by the beautiful California coast, are becoming an increasing part of his musical repertoire. 

Based in Monterey, California for some 10 years, he played the local music scene with several acts including his own band, The Danger Tones, Now he lives on Florida's Space Coast, where he chooses to focus on his life's work - sharing his truly unique experiences and stories with those who appreciate thoughtful lyrics and colorful characters

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At Flanagan's Irish Pub in Carmel, CA