My debut EP "Sins Of The Father" is now available!  

Three of the four songs for my  Debut EP "Sins Of The Father" were written over the span of two years, but each was written from the heart, based on true stories from my life. One of my songs "The Sky is Falling" was written during the first Gulf War, when Sadaam's army set fire to hundreds of oil wells as they retreated from Kuwait. But with global warming, its message has taken on a fresh and contemporary meaning. You can download it today by signing up for my email address, where you will receive updates from my current Nashville tour. Thanks for listening!

UPDATE: While searching thru my email, I found this email from Scott Mathews, producer and musician extraordinaire:

"You inspire me, man! Your spirit resonates deeply...I’m in your corner... 

Yer pally in Mill Valley, 


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