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Initially inspired by Sadaam's army as they set fire to the oil wells when they retreated from Kuwait, it has since become a eulogy to man's wasting of the earth's resources


© 2018 Richard Bruce Eells
I was out walking
With my friends we were talking
'Bout how man's been assaulting
Assaulting Mother Earth
How we're raping her soil
And burning her oil
All the beauty we spoil
The one who gave us birth
Oh, The Sky Is Falling
The Sky is Falling
You know The Sky Is Falling
The Sky Is Falling down
Well the Sky Is Falling
The Sky Is Falling
You know The Sky Is Falling
Falling all around
There's a hole in the ozone
And lately it has grown
It's a fact that is well known
To anyone who reads
And there won't be no shelter
From the heat and the swelter
It'll be helter skelter
We'll pay for all our deeds
Now an ill wind is blowin'
All the seeds we've been sewin'
Soon nothin' will grow in
The hard and crusty ground
You know I ain't no damn botanist
I'm only a guitarist
But can't we stop killing forests
Start turning this thing around