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As a way of saying thanks, here's a free download from my debut EP "Sins of the Father".

Third appearance at the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville 

For my third open mic night appearance at the Bluebird Cafe, I decided to play a new song from my forthcoming as-yet-to-be-named album. "Summer of Love (1974)" is a story song in the tradition of Dylan and Springsteen about the year I dropped out of high school (flunked out really) and headed down the Jersey shore. I chose Wildwood, but it could be any one of the many shore towns, and the story of many of the kids who flocked there in the summer. The audience seemed to enjoy it, singing along which was a…

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My second appearance at the Bluebird Cafe! 

Monday, August 12th was the second time I appeared at the world-famous Bluebird Cafe in Nashville.  The first time was last month, and I was SO nervous! That time I played it safe and performed "Thanks for Inviting Me to Leave". This time I performed one of my more personal songs "That's the Way (We Did)" and asked one of my fellow performers to video the performance. Here it is - let me know if you like it 

NSAI Song Camp 2019 

Thanks to the Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI) for putting on a fine Song Camp this year. As a novice songwriter and newcomer to the Nashville scene, I felt welcome and in good company. An excellent introduction to the world of songwriting, not only for the country genre, but for other genres as well, especially Americana (my target market). I felt especially honored to perform "That's the Way (We Did)" - a very personal song - at their Writers Night at the True Music Room of the…

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My debut EP "Sins Of The Father" is now available!   

Three of the four songs for my  Debut EP "Sins Of The Father" were written over the span of two years, but each was written from the heart, based on true stories from my life. One of my songs "The Sky is Falling" was written during the first Gulf War, when Sadaam's army set fire to hundreds of oil wells as they retreated from Kuwait. But with global warming, its message has taken on a fresh and contemporary meaning. You can download it today by signing up for my email address, where you will receive updates…

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Scott Mathews to produce my first EP! 

Had a great meeting today with Scott Mathews of “Hit Or Myth” Productions. Scott has over 20 gold and platinum awards, and has worked with such greats as Brian Wilson and The Beach Boys, Eric Clapton, Roy Orbison, Elvin Bishop, John Hiatt, Dick Dale, and Barbara Streisand. Scott has agreed to produce my first EP, a collection of four of my best songs to date, at his Tiki Town studio just across the Golden Gate bridge in Mill Valley, CA. So excited to work with Scott! Recording should take place sometime in…

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Latest News

Debut EP "Sins Of The Father" scheduled to be released on Feb. 14th

The 4 songs for my  Debut EP "Sins Of The Father" have been uploaded to DiscMakers and will go into production shortly. Packaging and artwork have also been completed and uploaded.  Click Music for previews and downloads!


Debut EP "Sins Of The Father" is "in the can"!

Recorded 4 songs for my  Debut EP "Sins Of The Father" at Scott's TikiTown Studios in Mill Valley, CA. Packaging and artwork are being designed in Santa Cruz by my friend and fellow singer/songwriter Karla Hutton. Click Music for previews!


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